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Derbyshire Blue John Veins

Blue John Veins

Derbyshire Blue John Veins


To try and recognise the many differing banding patterns of Blue John found in each cave or mine in the Treak Cliff hill as a new vein was found it was traditional to allocate a name – which was often more of a marketing tool than a scientific association. Adding to its unique nature, as any vein becomes exposed it can produce many different patterns, variety of colours and styles that subsequently supply many additional variants and related patterns of any one vein. Following the 2013 discovery of the new Ridley Vein, there are now fifteen recognised named veins of Blue John from which to select the perfect banding for the job in hand.

Should you favour a certain colour or style of Derbyshire Blue John, our workshop can make any piece to suit your preference, please just get in touch online - sales@bluejohngallery.co.uk or telephone 01433 620472 to discuss your requirements.

Derbyshire Blue John VeinsWith increasing popularity and interest in the 21st century, many pieces now appear for sale in auction rooms online and across the world. However, pieces described as Blue John may actually be Chinese Fluorite or Amethyst – both of which can bear a resemblance to the mineral and often mistaken for it, but visibly offer a very diluted and washed out colouring.

Blue John Immitations