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The Blue John Gallery was the name given to the first jewellery boutique opened in Bakewell, Derbyshire by Chris Sellors in 1985. With a passion for the Peak District and in delivering quality, British designed jewellery, over 40 years later, alongside Whitby Jet, Derbyshire Blue John is at the forefront of gemstones associated with the UK throughout the world.

Whilst our flagship web boutique www.cwsellors.com remains a destination for all of our collections, including the many jewellery brands we have throughout our stores, for those visiting the Blue John Gallery online we hope they will notice something a little different.

Not only do we proudly focus on our locally sourced and individually hand crafted British gemstone products, but having the opportunity to travel around the world we also feature desirable objects, gemstone ornaments and jewellery designs and have great pleasure and excitement in introducing you to some wonderful and unique pieces.

In addition, with a wealth of creativity within the Peak District, you will also find our Blue John Gallery home to some of the very best examples of the British craftsmanship that is to be found in one of the most visited and best loved national parks in the UK.

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