Platinum Jewellery

Discover an array of breathtaking platinum jewellery for women and men, exclusively available from Blue John Gallery. Handcrafted from our Derbyshire workshop, our stunning array of platinum rings, earrings, necklaces, pendants, bracelets, bangles, brooches, cufflinks, shirt studs and tie slides are available in classic and modern designs to suit every style and any occasion. Our signature collection of platinum jewellery is set with one of the UK's rarest gemstones, Derbyshire Blue John. Only sourced from the Castleton mines of Derbyshire, this stunning gemstone displays vibrant purple and yellow banded patterns that are unique to each beautiful specimen. Each item of platinum jewellery for her and him is carefully handcrafted to our bespoke designs, and makes a wonderful gift for a loved one, or a well-earned treat for yourself!

Platinum Whitby Jet Diamond Inlaid Band Ring. R632.
Platinum Whitby Jet Diamond Inlaid Double Band Ring, R813.
Platinum Whitby Jet Diamond Cosmic Hook Drop Earrings, E1237.
Platinum Diamond and Whitby Jet Shooting Stars Earrings E1238
Platinum  0.59ct Diamond and Whitby Jet Five V Disc Large Necklace P1688C
Platinum Diamond and Whitby Jet  Cosmic Large Necklace P1693C
Platinum Diamond and Whitby Jet Shooting Stars Necklace P1695C
Platinum Whitby Jet 0.22ct Diamond Cabaret Drop Earrings, E1688.
Platinum 0.11ct Diamond Whitby Jet Cabaret Necklace, P2206C.
Platinum Whitby Jet 0.48ct Diamond Enlighten Drop Earrings, E1508.
Platinum Diamond and Whitby Jet V Top Large Disc Necklace P1686C
00001750 C W Sellors Platinum Whitby Jet And Diamond Brilliant Double V Stone Disc Ring R537
18ct Platinum Whitby Jet 1.31ct Diamond Rhombus Drop Earrings EUNQ0000223