Discover our unrivalled jewellery collection, set with the finest gemstones and exclusive to Blue John Gallery. Our unique gemstone jewellery designs are handcrafted from our purpose-built workshop in the heart of the Peak District, Derbyshire. Browse our stunning selection of jewellery, to include gemstone rings, earrings, necklaces, pendants, bracelets, bangles and brooches. Our designs are set in sterling silver, white gold, yellow gold, rose gold or platinum. Choose from natural Blue John, Whitby Jet, amber, hematite, pearl or diamond jewellery, set with the very finest specimens hand selected and polished by our lapidarists and gemstone experts.

Sterling Silver Blue John Split Heart Necklace P575
Silver Whitby Jet Bat Wild Life Trust Collection Clip Charm G390
Sterling Silver Whitby Jet Curved Diamond Shaped Bracelet B950
Sterling Silver Blue John Three Stone Curved Barrel Necklace, P866.
Sterling Silver Blue John Small Owl Necklace P2321
Sterling Silver Blue John Wave Ring R876
Sterling Silver Blue John Curved Oval Necklace, P1843
Sterling Silver Blue John Marquise Brooch, M086.
Sterling Silver Blue John Tudor Rose Reversible Necklace, P1945.
Sterling Silver Blue John Foxtail Large Oval Necklace N494
Sterling Silver Blue John Pear Drop Pendant Necklace P2714
Sterling Silver Blue John Tuberose Dahlia Stud Earrings, E2155.
Sterling Silver Blue John Tuberose Carnation Stud Earrings, E2162.
<p>Sterling Silver Lapis Lazuli Pointed Pear Necklace.ÌÎ_̴ÌàÌÎ__P221.</p> <p>ÌÎ_̴ÌàÌÎ__</p>
9ct Yellow Gold Lapis Lazuli Oval Signet Ring, CGN-887.
Sterling Silver Mother of Pearl Marquise Ring. R404.
Sterling Silver Mother of Pearl Small Pointed Pear Drop Earrings. E686.
Sterling Silver Whitby Jet Two Drop Necklace P462
Sterling Silver Whitby Jet Marcasite Round Stud Earrings E1634
Sterling Silver Whitby Jet Offset Beaded Line Stud Earrings E1619