Discover our unrivalled selection of Blue John necklaces, exclusively available from Blue John Gallery. Explore our unique necklace designs, each created by our master goldsmiths from our workshop in the heart of Derbyshire. Our Blue John necklaces display this unique and rare gemstone, with its glorious banded patterns and distinct yellow and purple colours. Be sure to stand out from the crowd with this British gemstone, sourced only from certain locations in Derbyshire. Our unique necklace designs are available in silver, yellow gold, white gold, rose gold and platinum, and vary from single stone pendant necklaces, to elaborate diamond and Blue John necklaces.
Sterling Silver Blue John Split Heart Necklace P575
Sterling Silver Blue John Small Owl Necklace P2321
Sterling Silver Blue John Tudor Rose Reversible Necklace, P1945.
Sterling Silver Blue John Foxtail Large Oval Necklace N494
Sterling Silver Blue John Three Stone Curved Barrel Necklace, P866.
<p>Sterling Silver Lapis Lazuli Pointed Pear Necklace.ÌÎ_̴ÌàÌÎ__P221.</p> <p>ÌÎ_̴ÌàÌÎ__</p>
Sterling Silver Whitby Jet Two Drop Necklace P462
Sterling Silver Whitby Jet Small Side Bat Necklace
Sterling Silver Whitby Jet Beaded Edge Heart Locket. P2104
Sterling Silver Blue John Toscana Three Stone Necklace. P1611.
Sterling Silver Blue John Pear Shaped Collarette Necklace, NUNQ0001342.
Sterling Silver Blue John Heritage Round Necklace P018
Sterling Silver Blue John Four Stone Small Dragonfly Necklace P1896
9ct Yellow Gold Blue John Large Cross Heart Necklace. P1542.
Sterling Silver Blue John Three Stone Drop Necklace, PUNQ0001750
Sterling Silver Blue John 0.28 Carat Diamond Pear Necklace
18ct Yellow Gold Blue John 1.57ct Diamond Oval Cluster Necklace, P1451C.
Alice In Wonderland Collection Pendant Oval Blue John - PUNQ0003795
Alice In Wonderland Collection Pendant Round Blue John - PUNQ0003794
Blue John Necklace Heart With Diamonds 18ct White Gold