Designer Bracelets

Discover our designer bracelets in an array of classic and modern designs to suit every style and any occasion. Find a luxurious addition to any outfit from our custom designs showcasing Blue John, the UK’s rarest and most beautiful gemstone. Browse our unique designs, incorporating this rare variety of fluorite, sourced only from the Castleton mines of the Peak District. Our gemstone bracelets are set with natural amber, pearl, diamond, marcasite and Whitby jet, as well as many other precious and semi-precious gemstones. Our bracelets for her and him include wonderful chain bracelets, charm bracelets, beaded bracelets, cuff bracelets, and bangle bracelets. Whether you are searching for a sterling silver bracelet, yellow gold bracelet, white gold bracelet, rose gold bracelet or a platinum bracelet, our unique bracelets for women and men are handcrafted from our workshop in the heart of Derbyshire.

Sterling Silver Whitby Jet Curved Diamond Shaped Bracelet B950
Baltic Amber Small Light Beaded Baby Teething Bracelet. B1115
Blue John Cushion Foxtail Silver Bracelet. B960.
Sterling Silver Blue John Oval Celtic Clip Bangle B589
Sterling Silver Blue John Amber Three Stone Link Bracelet UBJ733
9ct Yellow Gold Blue John Oval Link Bracelet
Blue John Foxtail 5 Stone Silver Bracelet. B563.
Sterling Silver Blue John Three Stone Oval Foxtail Bracelet. B978.
9ct Yellow Gold Blue John Small Cross Heart Charm Bracelet, B666.
9ct Yellow Gold Blue John Seven Oval Stone Bracelet. B185.
Sterling Silver Blue John Seven Oval Stone Bracelet. B185.
9ct Yellow Gold Opal Oval Linked Bracelet B026
9ct Yellow Gold Opal Oval Spoon Bracelet B231
9ct Yellow Gold Opal 6 Stone Leaf Bracelet B527
9ct Yellow Gold Opal Seven Oval Stone Bracelet B185.
18ct Yellow Gold Opal Diamond Marquise Link Bracelet, B528.
Turquoise Bracelet Seven Stone Oval Marcasite Silver B877
Turquoise Bracelet Flower Link Marcasite Silver B879
Sterling Silver Turquoise Marcasite Slim Oval Link Bracelet, B876
 Sterling Silver Turquoise Marcasite Oval And Round Link Bracelet. B875.