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Blue John Jewellery of Castleton

Situated in the heart of the Peak District National Park, Castleton sits at the head of Hope Valley offering an abundance of sights and vistas for locals and tourists alike. Alongside the annual Christmas light show, the garland ceremony, Winnats Pass, and the shivering mountain known as Mam Tor, Castleton is home to one of the world’s rarest semi-precious gemstones: Blue John.

The rarity of Blue John and its unique colouring of purple, blue and yellow makes it incredibly valuable and coveted. It has been found in only one location, Castleton, and so as such, the Blue John Gallery set up shop to design, craft and sell our own range of Blue John jewellery. Our boutique is home to some of the very best examples of British craftsmanship, bringing to life traditional and modern jewellery designs inspired by the surroundings of the most loved national park in the United Kingdom.

What is Blue John?

Blue John is a semi-precious gemstone believed to have been first discovered by the Romans 2,000 years ago when they settled three miles from Castleton in the village of Brough. The stone is a variation of fluorite, also known as fluor-spa, which is a mineral form of calcium fluoride however it differs from any other form of fluour-spa found before for its unique crystal structure and breathtaking coloured veins. The veins are often found in blues, purples and yellow hence the name of the stone Blue John believing to derive from “bleu et jaune”, the French for blue and yellow.

Blue John Jewellery

Blue John is considered Britain’s rarest mineral with only a few small veins and nodules remaining in the village of Castleton, the home of the Blue John Gallery. Today, out of the three most prolific mines in the area– Blue John Cavern, Old Tor Mine and Treak Cliff Cavern, it is only Treak Cliff which mines any quality gemstone material. Working alongside the cavern for over 40 years’ we have remained committed to creating the finest Blue John jewellery in the country while also offering a unique education and insight into the important role of Blue John in British history.

On our website and in our store, you can discover our incredible range of Blue John Jewellery which has been entirely handmade in our own Derbyshire workshops. From classic Blue John necklaces to contemporary Blue John rings, our team of talented craftsman create with the utmost care only the best designer jewellery collections. All the Blue John jewellery of Castleton is hand crafted and sold with a Certificate of Authenticity to provide peace of mind and traceability to the gemstone source and craftsmanship.