Silver Hook Earrings

Discover our silver hook earrings, designed and handcrafted in a range of breathtaking designs. Exclusively available to Blue John Gallery, our silver earrings for women and men showcase the finest natural gemstones, each selected for their vibrancy and colour. Our Blue John earrings display a rare and sought after variety of fluorite, sourced only from the Castleton mines of Derbyshire and prized for its unique banded patterns. Our gemstone earrings similarly feature the finest natural amber, pearl, diamond, marcasite and Whitby jet, as well as many other precious and semi-precious gemstones. Browse our sterling silver earrings with hook fittings, and find the perfect pair for any occasion. From silver drop earrings, silver dangle earrings, silver statement earrings and silver chandelier earrings, our impressive selection of hook earrings contains a design to suit every style.

Silver Whitby Jet Curved Pear Hook Earrings E2011
Sterling Silver Blue John Chain Oval Drop Hook Earrings E1232
Sterling Silver Blue John Half Stone Heart Hook Earrings. E1940.
Sterling Silver Blue John Heart in Heart Drop Hook Earrings E1951
Sterling Silver Blue John Open Flower Drop Earrings
Sterling Silver Blue John Abstract Oblong Hook Drop Earrings. E1286.
Sterling Silver Blue John Abstract Triangle Hook Drop Earrings, E1281
Sterling Silver Blue John Marcasite Pointed Pear Hook Earrings E2239
Sterling Silver Whitby Jet Medium Cross Heart Drop Earrings E1288
Sterling Silver Whitby Jet Small Cross Heart Drop Earrings E1287
Silver Whitby Jet Marquise Shape Wave Wood Effect Earrings E1614
Sterling Silver Whitby Jet Eclipse Heart Drop Earrings. E2015.
Sterling Silver Whitby Jet Marcasite Pointed Pear Hook Earrings. E2239.
Sterling Silver Whitby Jet Triangular Prism Hook Earrings E2014
Silver Whitby Jet Pear Drop Hook Earrings E2016
Sterling Silver Whitby Jet Double Pear Drop Earrings. E2019.
Sterling Silver Whitby Jet Heart Teardrop Hook Earrings. E2018
Sterling Silver Whitby Jet Eclipse Heart Sphere Hook Earrings. E2256.
Sterling Silver Whitby Jet Eclipse Peace Symbol Hook Earrings. E2257.
Sterling Silver Whitby Jet Cross Sphere Hook Earrings E2262