18ct Gold Necklaces

Explore our 18ct gold necklaces, handcrafted from our workshop in the heart of the Peak District, Derbyshire. Our bespoke necklace designs include heart necklaces, cross necklaces, chain necklaces, as well as pendant necklaces. Our signature Blue John necklaces display the unique purple and yellow banding of Derbyshire’s rarest gemstone in captivating ways, from a single accent, to wonderful cluster of this Great British gemstone. Other exquisite designs are adorned with the finest natural amber, pearl, diamond, marcasite and Whitby jet. Each gemstone we set has been hand selected and polished to ensure the most exquisite jewellery possible. Whether you are searching for a thoughtful gift for a loved one or that extra special addition to your own jewellery collection, our 18ct gold necklaces for women and men make a stunning choice.


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